St. Francis of Assisi, supporter holy person of creatures and climate could be seen as the first Earth Day advocate. Francis’ commitment to God was communicated through his adoration for the entirety of God’s creation. St. Francis really focused on poor people and debilitated, he spoke about messages to creatures and applauded all animals as family under God.

St. Francis of Assisi was brought into the world in Italy around 1181-1182. After a wild youth and a short profession as an officer, Francis had a change experience that roused him to disavow his family’s riches and dedicate his life to God. His commitment to neediness, lowliness, dutifulness, tolerance and empathy before long pulled in adherents and, in 1209, he got authorization from Pope Innocent III to shape another strict request known as the Friars Minor (ordinarily called the Franciscans).

In 1979, Pope John Paul II honored Francis’ affection for creation by proclaiming him the benefactor holy person of biologists.

In a resulting discourse, the Pope urged Catholics to follow the case of Saint Francis by embracing all animals as individuals from a solitary family and by offering appreciation, poise and care to every relative.

Tales about St. Francis and Animals

The earliest books about Saint Francis were composed by Thomas of Celano, an individual from Francis’ strict request who knew the holy person by and by. Thomas’ books uncover Francis’ affection for creatures and his conviction that strict confidence and care for God’s animals go connected at the hip.

This is why you see the statue of St. Francis with his animals in many churches around the walls. Aside from ancient and brick sidings in churches, this image of St. Francis is something that always stays in the heart of many people.