About Us

The church of St. Francis Assisi is committed at helping everyone connect with God. is an overall confidence of more than 16 million individuals focused on the conviction that everybody on earth is a child or girl of a caring God1 and that His Son, Jesus Christ, saved the world from transgression and demise. Jesus Christ welcomes each of God’s kids to come unto, follow, and become more like Him.

Our main goal is to assist every one of God’s youngsters with coming to Jesus Christ3 through finding out about His gospel, making and keeping guarantees with God (agreements), and rehearsing Christlike love and administration

The Church has north of 30,000 gatherings in excess of 160 nations and regions. Every one of these assemblies is a neighborhood gathering of Saints who serve, instruct, motivate, and tutor each other as they endeavor to defeat individual difficulties and difficulties, and each is driven by nonpaid leaders10 chose from the assemblage who serve on a restricted time, volunteer premise.